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"FIN PROFI" Ltd. financial and legal consulting and services company is established April, 1997. and since then has been operating continuously under the same name.

The owner of the company, Mr. Salkić Mujo is well known and recognized expert, a specialist in the area of budget accounting and budget users who is, since 1998, as an external collaborator of "Revicon" Ltd Sarajevo, and then the company "FEB" Jsc. Sarajevo, continuously engaged in the education of accountants and auditors in the field of budget accounting, financial reporting budgets and budgetary users, analysis and monitoring of budget execution.
In addition, Mr. Salkić is a well-known and recognized expert in the field of VAT, corporate income tax, personal income tax and social security contributions, both for the budget and budget users and for other legal entities (companies, non-profit organizations, etc.).

Company Director is Mr. Admir Salkić BSc. in Ecc. and Certified Accountant, who also owns a high expertise in accounting, finance and direct and indirect taxes, and has experience of the lecturer at conferences for the company "FEB" Jsc. Sarajevo. Mr. Salkić has excellent capabilities of organizing the accounting functions and to adapt them to modern business conditions.

"FIN PROFI" Ltd. Sarajevo, deals with the following activities:
• providing services in the areas of accounting, such as bookkeeping, preparation of financial reports and analysis, as well as other statements relating to the reporting of value added tax, making the tax balance sheets, tax returns, etc .;
  • consulting services in the areas of accounting, direct and indirect taxes, finance, labor legislation and contractual obligations;
  • inspection and certification/verification of financial statements - balance Sheet, Income Statement, cash flows and changes in equity and notes and statements of business operations;
  • Preparation of normative acts (Rules on Accounting, Accounting Policies, Rules on Financial Operations, Rules on the Method for Determining and Displaying Price, Rule on Salaries and Benefits, Employment Rule, Rule on Occupational Safety, Rule on Fire Protection, Rule on the Organization and Systematization, statutes, etc.);
  • Setting up of the accounting organization (authority, responsibility, movement and verification of accounting documents, etc.);
  • development of business analysis and diagnosis of the condition as a basis for forecasting the business in the future;
  • deep (forensic) control of accounting records and accounting reports;
  • other activities in the field of accounting, finance, tax, and legal affairs.

Since 2011, „FIN PROFI“ successfully organizes seminars for certified accountants and certified auditors.


  • Accounting
  • Financial reports
  • Bookkeeping (financial, inventory and material)
  • Cash operations
  • Tax advisory
  • Recording invoices (sales and purchase) for VAT purposes
  • VAT calculation
  • Payroll calculation and calculation of service contracts
  • Financial advisory
  • Consulting
  • Seminars for certificated accountants and in-house trainings
  • Preparation of normative acts
  • Valuation of companies, assets and liability 
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FIN PROFI d.o.o.
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Sarajevo, 71000
Bosna i Hercegovina
Tel./Fax: +387 (33) 831 620